Update 1: A few known issues

Hi there, I've recently became aware of a couple issues:

1. There is a certain item that's supposed to exist on the desk in Lou's room that's meant to exist there that...doesn't. When you reach a point where you need to find something to help you feel better after encountering something in the yard, you need to click that area. That's vague, but I thought I'd be just in case anyone would rather me not immediately say what it is. However, I can definitely give a more direct answer.

2. An enemy on the road to town as the ability to trap you if you're touched by it.

3. I have also been told the music is a bit too loud, and can adjust that afterwards.

Sorry for any inconvenience these bugs may cause, but feel free to let me know if any more issues, so I can fix them in the final version.


Botanophobia - Demo Vers. Updated 2.zip 135 MB
Nov 06, 2017

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